Topics in Energy Policy: Emerging Ideas in Energy

Mark Alan Hughes
Weitzman School
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This seminar will explore a collection of ideas influencing energy policy development in the U.S. and around the world. Our platform for this exploration will be seven recent books to be discussed during the semester. These books each contribute important insights to seven ideas that influence energy policy: Narrative, Transition, Measurement, Systems, Subsidiarity, Disruption, Attachment.

Books for 2018 will be chosen over the summer; the 2017 books are listed here as examples:

Policy Paradox (2011) by Stone (ISBN 978-0-393-91272-2)

Climate Shock (2015) by Wagner and Weitzman (ISBN 978-0-691-15947-8)

Power Density (2015) by Smil (ISBN 978-0-262-02914-8)

Connectography (2016) by Khanna (E-ISBN 978-0-812-98856-7)

Climate of Hope (2017) by Bloomberg and Pope (ISBN 978-1-250-14207-8)

Utility of the Future (2016) by MIT Energy Initiative (ISBN (978-0-692-80824-5)

Retreat from a Rising Sea (2016) by Pilkey, Pilkey-Jarvis, Pilkey (E-ISBN 978-0-231-54180-0)