Sustainable Cities

Allison Lassiter
Weitzman School
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Sustainability is the organizing device for some of the most sophisticated and innovative policy development by local governments around the world over the past decade. This diverse portfolio of ideas and actions has served as a platform for the introduction of metrics into governments, for the planning for resilience in assets and operations, and for the alignment of local government policies and practices within a common framework. As both policy-makers and policy-takers (from other governments and external interests), local governments now see the implementation of ambitious goals as a key focus of current sustainability policy and planning. This course unites three celebrated leaders to examine sustainability initiatives from American cities, with selected international comparisons, to explore cutting-edge challenges facing the next generation of leaders in Sustainable Cities. This course will be taught by Mark Alan Hughes, Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylavania  Stuart Weitzman School of Design and creator of the "Greenworks Philadelphia" plan; Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Planning and creator of the "Philadelphia2035" Comprehensive Plan; and Howard Neukrug, Water Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia’s Water Department and creator of the "Green City, Clean Waters" plan.