Policy and Design

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This seminar provides an advanced introduction to policy development and is intended to engage students in policy-making. Policy outcomes often have formal and/or scalar qualities. Yet policy developers often treat these as unintended consequences. And designers typically operate within the constraints created by such consequences. But could design thinking improve policy outcomes? Our test bed for this examination will be the relationship between energy and urban form, which presents a critical policy challenge for young professionals from many fields. The seminar will survey current research and policy options emerging from local, regional, state, and federal governments and discuss their implications for design outcomes at the scale of buildings, neighborhoods, and regions? None of these implications have been fully explored by policy makers at any level of government. This seminar will explore each in turn, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of the policy content on this important issue as well as of the policy process in general. Students will develop projects ranging from an analysis of policy to a presentation of the design implications of existing/proposed/alternative energy policies. The intent is for the seminar to make an active contribution