Introduction to Energy Policy

William Hederman; Anna Mikulska
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Energy, especially in the context of economic development and environmental sustainability, presents a career-defining challenge to many disciplines and professions. This graduate course, therefore, is intended to provide an organizing foundation for courses across the University in Law, Wharton, Design, SAS, and SEAS—providing an advanced introduction to the design and delivery of energy policy at various levels of government in the U.S. and elsewhere. We will take a deep look at policies that regulate the oil and gas industry, as well as nuclear, green energy and electricity markets. This will involve looking at past, present, and proposed policy mechanisms with a special consideration of how issues of climate change and sustainability affect those policies and policy proposals. 

The course will be based on theoretical foundations of the policy making process while offering the student access to first-hand policy making expertise from instructors and guest lecturers. Upon completing this course, students will have a general foundation of how energy policy operates and a deep understanding of fundamental U.S. energy policies and how they relate to policies of other countries in the developed and developing world. 

This is the foundational graduate course for students pursuing a Certificate in Energy Management and Policy. Undergraduate students who wish to enroll must first get approval.

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Kleinman Center Senior Fellows
William Hederman and Anna Mikulska



ENMG502 will be taught in the Kleinman Center classroom, on the 3rd floor of Fisher Fine Arts Library. 
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