Introduction to Energy Policy

William Hederman and Anna Mikulska
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This course provides an advanced introduction to the design and delivery of energy policy at various levels of government in the U.S. and elsewhere. Energy, especially in the context of economic development and environmental sustainability, presents a career-defining challenge to many disciplines and professions. This course, therefore, is intended to provide an organizing foundation for courses across the University in Law, Wharton, Design, SAS, and SEAS. The first third of the course will offer readings on and energy applications of systems theory, the policy process, design thinking, decision analysis, and policy design. The middle third will explore the Quadrennial Energy Review, issued in 2015 and the first national energy policy framework in a generation. Senior DOE officials involved in the QER will provide guest lectures on the process of developing the QER and the next steps in terms of research and implementation. Students will write two short papers, give a presentation to the class, and write a group or individual research paper on an energy policy issue generated from the QER. Students will complete this course with a general foundation of how energy policy operates, a deep understanding of a fundamental U.S. energy policy document, and a substantial research project on a frontier energy policy challenge.