Environmental Case Studies

Dr. Jane Dmochowski
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In addition to a detailed, comprehensive investigation of selected environmental case studies researched by the whole class throughout the course, students will also research and present an individual environmental case study of their choosing. This course is designed for Earth and Environmental Science majors (ENVS and Earth Science), prospective majors and minors, and other students interested in taking an in-depth look at environmental case studies. Past cases discussed in the class include: Cape Wind: A Sound Idea for the Nantucket Sound?; Ethanol or Biodiesel? A Systems Analysis Decision; Liquid Coal; A Question of Responsibility: Whose Asbestos Caused Her Lung Disease?; Eating PCBs from Lake Ontario: Is There an Effect or Not?; Into the Abyss: The Case of the Collapsing Sinkhole; Oak Clearcutting: To Cut or Not to Cut? A Debate Case; To Frack or not to Frack?; Global Climate Change I-V: Evidence and Causes, What Does it Look, Impact and Remediation, and Geoengineering, Analyzing the Tradeoffs in Policies for Climate Change; Salton, A Sea of Controversy; A Green Light for CFL's?; Slippery Slope of Litigating Geologic Hazards: California's Portuguese Bend; Dredge Today, Restore Tomorrow; Frankenfoods? The Debate Over Genetically Modified Crops; Living Downstream: Atrazine and Coliform Bacteria Effects on Water Quality—A Debate Case; Can Suminoe Oysters Save Chesapeake Bay?; Wasteful Water: Pollution in the Tijuana River Watershed; Got Meat? An Analysis of Livestock Cultivation in the US and its Effects on Health; The Deforestation of the Amazon: A Case Study in Understanding Ecosystems and Their Value; Going Swimmingly: Fishery Management.


Pre-requisites: ENVS200 (or AP Environmental Science, other environmental experience/classes—see instructor)