Defining and Achieving Regulatory Excellence

Cary Coglianese
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Some regulators are more effective, trusted, just, credible, transparent, and efficient than others. This seminar will seek to answer a seemingly simple but truly difficult yet vital question: What separates the very best regulatory institutions from their peers? Throughout the seminar, students will participate in probing discussion of a variety of vital and intellectually challenging questions about the design and management of legal institutions in the regulatory state.

Participants will be exposed to cutting-edge research and analysis about regulatory performance, engaging side-by-side in discussion with faculty, staff, and fellow students involved in the Penn Program on Regulation’s Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative (“BiC”), as the latter work separately in real-time on a major research initiative funded by the Alberta Energy Regulator. For more information about this research initiative, visit the BiC website at

The seminar will have a cross-national focus, just as suitable for students interested in how to improve regulation and regulatory institutions in the United States (whether at the federal or state level) as for students interested in regulation elsewhere around the world. It is open both to Penn Law students and to students from across the University of Pennsylvania.