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Can the U.S. Meet Green New Deal Emissions Targets?

Mark Alan Hughes
At the Kleinman Center, we are launching research into the Green New Deal, exploring its tenets and providing an assessment of our country’s potential to meet the emissions targets it outlines.
Protesters advocate for the Green New Deal with signs: "Do Your Job", "No More Excuses", "We Need the Green New Deal"

Climate Goes Mainstream

Andy Stone
The seismic upshift in mainstream media’s attention to climate reflects the interests of its market.
Protesters from the People's Climate March in New York City

Ecological Civilization and the Green New Deal: Our Last Shot

Oscar Serpell
Both China and the United States are fielding ambitious new sustainability plans. The planet's climate future will be determined by whether or not they succeed. 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ed Markey, and other politicians speak at a podium about the Green New Deal

Dispelling a National Emergency Declaration on Climate

Christina Simeone
Although bad policy, frustration with inaction may lead some to think a national emergency declaration on climate change should be considered. But, it is likely to be ineffective, or worse.
Sign at a protest that says: Warming! Declare a Climate Emergency

The Case for Electrifying California’s Cars

Giridhar Sankar
Last semester, a team of Wharton MBA students competed in the University of Michigan Renewable Energy Case Competition where they made the case for electrifying California's auto fleet.
An EV plugged in for charging

Geopolitics of the Global Energy Transition

Oscar Serpell
The U.S. government sees the transition to clean energy as an altruistic goal. It's not, and we are falling behind in the race. 
A solar plant from above with panels organized in the shape of a panda

Carnot on the Road… and Where that Road Leads Us

Mark Hughes
This week, the Kleinman Center leaves for New Delhi to complete our 2018 Carnot Prize presentation to Indian Minister of Coal and Railways Shri Piyush Goyal. As we reconvene in India, a new teaching moment stands out as India appears to be turning from coal more rapidly than many analysts initially thought.
A man walks with a cart in India with a solar panel to his left

Solar Energy: Not Just for Philadelphia’s Elite

Hayley McCurdy
Philadelphia has been touted as one of the fastest growing solar markets. Groups like Philadelphia Energy Authority are not only helping to grow the solar market, but also are creating equity in solar access.
Solar panels on the roof of a Philadelphia home

Informing the Fuel Security Debate

Christina Simeone
PJM's recent Fuel Security Analysis moves the debate forward, and some results may be surprising. Although criticisms of the analysis abound, at least PJM is informing the discussion and moving it away from blanket bailouts for resources that stockpile fuel.
Truck carrying oil with man on top of the vehicle

Try Harder, Gazprom. Why Poland Could Choose LNG

Anna Mikulska
High prices that Poland and the CEE region paid in the past can make the switch to LNG and other non-Russian gas supplies easier.
Gazprom building


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