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Retreat? Not Just a Developing World Problem

Cory Colijn
As rates of sea level rise accelerate, the Netherlands must confront a future that looks very different from today: one that requires the Dutch to redefine their relationship with water.
Canal with boats in Amsterdam

Transitioning to Tomorrow’s Energy Future

Mollie Simon
Do we have the political will to decarbonize our energy systems? Rachel Kyte and others came to Penn to discuss how to make this ambition a reality. 
Rachel Kyte lecturing at the Kleinman Center

IEA Challenged to Address Limits to Negative Emissions

Andy Stone
Investors advocate for IEA’s World Energy Outlook to push for more climate action and be transparent on the limits to negative emissions.
Ground with cracks in soil due to drought

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics: An Opening Ceremony for the Hydrogen Economy

Oscar Serpell
Japan is betting big on hydrogen in the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics. Will this be the moment that hydrogen proves itself to be a viable solution to the energy challenges of the 21st century?
Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo

Investigating “Superblocks,” Barcelona’s Bid to Take the Streets Back from Cars

David Roberts
Barcelona is taking streets back from cars and creating walkable, mixed-use public spaces, or “superblocks.” Its plan is insanely ambitious. I went to see how it’s going.
Pedestrians walk down pedestrian street in Barcelona

The Kleinman Center Explores Energy Storage

Isabelle Ji
As the demand for energy grows, there is a need for more reliable and cleaner sources of energy. A recent panel explored the state of today’s energy storage.
A panel on energy storage at the Kleinman Center

Puerto Rico’s Three Major Energy Policy Challenges

Mark Hughes
At a conference in San Juan, thought leaders gather to discuss innovation amidst crisis.
Mark Hughes and speakers at the Wharton Conference in Puerto Rico

Direct Air Capture Technology Takes a Big Step Forward

Oscar Serpell
$68 million will now go towards commercial deployment of direct air capture of atmospheric CO2. It is a huge step forward, but will barely make a dent in global demand for negative emissions. 
Air capture infrastructure

As Carbon Pricing Proposals Multiply, What's the Right Carbon Price?

Andy Stone
New carbon pricing initiatives in Washington set ambitious price targets that may not fly in the current political climate. Existing cap and trade markets may show what pricing will work.
A pen and a chart showing carbon emissions and crude oil levels

Yamal LNG: Success Has Many Fathers, Indeed

Anna Mikulska
In Russia, Novatek's success in liquid natural gas is tied to smart moves and serendipity.
Russian oil refinery


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