Hurricane Harvey: Energy Markets Respond to the Flooding of a Major Energy Hub

Posted by Oscar Serpell

On Friday night, August 25th, the strongest storm to hit the Texas coast in half a century made landfall 20 miles northeast of Corpus Christi as a category 4 hurricane. Over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey moved inland before stalling 60 miles southwest of Houston, devastating the region with record rainfall. The...


Plain as the Nose on Your Face: Nuclear Subsidy Food Fights Miss Market-Oriented Climate Solution

Posted by John Quigley

As I’ve written, the deep decarbonization effort that’s needed to salvage a habitable climate is in deep trouble.  As the public policy clown car careens toward the climate cliff, special interest politics are playing out in state capitals– including in our own Harrisburg-despite an obvious opportunity to do the right...


DOE Reliability Study: Everything’s Okay, For Now

Posted by Christina Simeone

Back in April, DOE Secretary Perry issued a memo calling for a reliability study of U.S. power systems, expressing concerns that competitive markets, renewables, and regulations were forcing retirement of baseload (i.e. coal and nuclear) power plants critical to reliability. In an April blog, I detailed reasons why...


Shot and Chaser

Posted by John Quigley

We’re in a world of climate trouble. Climate disruption is already having major impacts on the United States, according to a draft report prepared by U.S. government scientists.  And a new study finds that there’s only a five percent chance that we’ll avoid increasing global average temperatures by less two degrees...


Total Eclipse of the Grid?

Posted by Mollie Simon

There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming solar eclipse. People are making plans to view with family and friends and are even traveling to be inside the total eclipse path. Energy providers have also been planning for this event. With our reliance on solar, is the energy grid ready for the big light in the sky...


Welcome Back, FERC

Posted by William Hederman

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) now has three commissioners: Cheryl LaFleur, Robert Powelson, and Neil Chatterjee. With the two recent additions, FERC now has a legal quorum and can conduct new business for the first time since former FERC Chairman Norman Bay resigned at the beginning of the year. New...


Pragmatism not Fearmongering Needed on Gas Deliverability

Posted by Christina Simeone

Baseload power (i.e. coal and nuclear) interests that are being edged out by more competitive natural gas power generators are increasingly relying on the powerful emotion of fear to draw policymaker support for their struggling assets. Fear that the country’s increasing reliance on (currently) cheap and abundant...


Pillars of Sustainability: How Cell Towers Can Transform the Energy Landscape, and Help Us Meet Global Energy Goals

Posted by Oscar Serpell

According to the World Bank, 100% of registered homes in the United States have access to the electricity grid, so it is unusual for a cell tower to be “off-grid,” and thus require a distributed source of energy in order to operate. However, in many parts of the world, mobile service has outstripped existing...


It’s Time for a Market-Oriented Approach to Clean Energy Investment in Pennsylvania

Posted by John Quigley

Pennsylvania has $9 billion worth of economically-justifiable distributed clean energy and energy efficiency projects waiting to be developed. Yet, there is little private sector activity in these markets beyond the minimum needed to meet modest state requirements for alternative energy and energy efficiency....


Details Matter on Energy Storage Policy in PJM

Posted by Thomas Lee

Will the growing share of renewables – which have created jobs and cut emissions –  threaten power grid stability? Intermittent renewable sources, such as wind and solar, are both variable (i.e. outputs vary across hours and seasons) and uncertain (i.e. you cannot perfectly predict this variation). As the public...


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