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Direct Air Capture Technology Takes a Big Step Forward

Oscar Serpell
$68 million will now go towards commercial deployment of direct air capture of atmospheric CO2. It is a huge step forward, but will barely make a dent in global demand for negative emissions. 
Air capture infrastructure

As Carbon Pricing Proposals Multiply, What's the Right Carbon Price?

Andy Stone
New carbon pricing initiatives in Washington set ambitious price targets that may not fly in the current political climate. Existing cap and trade markets may show what pricing will work.
A pen and a chart showing carbon emissions and crude oil levels

Yamal LNG: Success Has Many Fathers, Indeed

Anna Mikulska
In Russia, Novatek's success in liquid natural gas is tied to smart moves and serendipity.
Russian oil refinery

To Make Sure Utilities Survive, California Needs Liability Law Reform

Carolyn Kousky
As much as global warming is to blame for PG&E’s financial woes, state policy is equally responsible.
Trees burn during the Camp Fire in California

Will China's EV Leadership Bring Global Automotive Dominance?

Andy Stone
Any future Chinese EV hegemony assumes that global auto incumbents have been asleep at the wheel.
A Chinese EV

Pennsylvania’s ZEC Bill Reveal

Christina Simeone
Though outdated, an early draft of PA's nuclear subsidy bill looks to be expensive, and represents a telling evolution in zero emissions credit policy.
Nuclear power plant from above

Can the U.S. Meet Green New Deal Emissions Targets?

Mark Alan Hughes
At the Kleinman Center, we are launching research into the Green New Deal, exploring its tenets and providing an assessment of our country’s potential to meet the emissions targets it outlines.
Protesters advocate for the Green New Deal with signs: "Do Your Job", "No More Excuses", "We Need the Green New Deal"

Climate Goes Mainstream

Andy Stone
The seismic upshift in mainstream media’s attention to climate reflects the interests of its market.
Protesters from the People's Climate March in New York City

Ecological Civilization and the Green New Deal: Our Last Shot

Oscar Serpell
Both China and the United States are fielding ambitious new sustainability plans. The planet's climate future will be determined by whether or not they succeed. 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ed Markey, and other politicians speak at a podium about the Green New Deal

Dispelling a National Emergency Declaration on Climate

Christina Simeone
Although bad policy, frustration with inaction may lead some to think a national emergency declaration on climate change should be considered. But, it is likely to be ineffective, or worse.
Sign at a protest that says: Warming! Declare a Climate Emergency


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