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How Will the Solar Market React to ITC Cuts?

Felipe Flores-Golfin
Since 2005, the solar industry has benefited from the federal Investment Tax Credit. This year marks the first cuts. What impacts will this have on solar adoption?
Solar panels on a red roof

A Preview of Key Energy Challenges for the 2020s

Andy Stone
What are the challenges that will likely define energy in the 2020s? And how can we collectively respond to these challenges in a way that positively impacts future generations?
Utility poles and wires in front of sunset

An Urgent Need for a Clean Energy Transition

Mollie Simon
With diverging political opinions and waning public concern, the clean energy transition needed to thwart climate change has not progressed fast enough. Visiting Scholar Dan Kammen makes the case that our future depends on an urgent response to these challenges.
Wind turbines above the clouds

After Explosion, Philadelphia Refinery to Be Permanently Shut Down

Andy Stone
In the months since the PES Refinery explosion, a dramatic struggle has been underway over the fate of the site. All eyes are on Philadelphia to see how the transition plays out.
PES Refinery

Exploring a Tool to Curb Climate Change: Direct Air Capture

Mollie Simon
We are behind the ball when it comes to achieving our collective climate goals. Negative emissions technologies, such as direct air capture, can potentially help make up for hard-to-eliminate carbon emissions.
Jennifer Wilcox lecturing at the Kleinman Center

One Year Later: Solar Energy in Philadelphia is Still on the Rise

Jennifer Lessick
With Mayor Kenney’s help, The Philadelphia Energy Authority is making unprecedented strides in increasing energy efficiency in the city, and they are just getting started.
Solar panels on the roof of a Philadelphia home

Insurers Struggle to Address Climate Risk

Andy Stone
The wildfires that ripped through California in 2017 and 2018 erased a quarter century of insurance industry profits in the state. How are insurers responding to the increased risk brought on by climate change?
Helicopter flies over a forest on fire

Rethinking Energy Policy in an Aging Society

Alex (Shengxiao) Li
By 2035, older adults will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. As this population ages, how can we best meet their energy and transportation needs?
An elderly person moves a stick shift in a car

Fanning the Flames: Mismanagement and California’s Wildfires

Girish Sankar
Exacerbated by climate change, the delivery of electricity has become a significant wildfire risk in recent years. Despite the cost, policies like burying power lines have been shown as an effective way to curtail fires.
Wildfire approaches a city

How Russian Oil Has the Most to Gain from Iran-U.S. Crisis

Anna Mikulska
One of the most far-reaching effects of an escalation of the U.S.-Iran conflict could be a shutdown of oil tanker traffic. Such a move would push international oil markets into turmoil and Russia could emerge as a crucial market stabilizer.
Barrels of oil with the Iranian flag behind a pipeline


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