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Making it Easy and Affordable for Philadelphians to Go Solar

Frances Kane
Through her internship with Philadelphia Energy Authority, Frances Kane encouraged Philadelphians to explore solar energy. Read about why 2019 is truly the year to go solar.
Solar on the roof of a Philadelphia home

Nord Stream 2: Energy Security for Europe or Prelude to Russian Aggression in the Baltic?

Anna Mikulska and Robert Hamilton
An exploration of the NordStream2 pipeline and its implications for security in the Baltic region.
A pipeline with sunset in background

My Experience at EPA as an Emergency Management Intern

Nicholas Zhu
While FEMA receives most of the national spotlight, student Nicholas Zhu learned that EPA plays a significant role in national emergency response initiatives, which often involve the containment of energy resources such as oil or radioactive matter.
EPA inspector in front of drums

In Poland, the Nuclear Option Is Still on the Table

Anna Mikulska & Wojciech Jakóbik
Could nuclear power generation be a fit for Poland? And what role could the U.S. could play.
A nuclear power plant

U.S. Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Pipeline: Strategic Hit Or Miss?

Anna Mikulska
Here's a look at the geopolitical pros and cons of proposed sanctions on Nord Stream 2. In short, the cons are quite high. Best to explore some other options.
A Gazprom branded pipeline

Teeming with Carbon Taxes

Mollie Simon
There has been a flurry of carbon tax bills introduced in Congress this term from members on both sides of the aisle. How do these bills compare and will any of them become law?
The flag outside the U.S. Capitol

Energy Consumption and Cost Burdens in Multi-Family Housing

Vincent Reina
Low-income households are more likely to be subjected to high energy cost burdens due to inefficient housing, but new energy disclosure data can be used to develop programs that retrofit properties and reduce this inequity.
A section of multi-family housing

Is a Solution Possible for The U.S. Nuclear Waste Impasse?

Andy Stone
While nuclear power may help keep the atmosphere clearer of carbon, little has been accomplished in the 60 years since the first U.S. commercial reactor opened to address the toxic mess that nuclear creates here on Earth.
A barrel of nuclear waste

Decarbonizing Aviation Is Not As Hard As We Think

Oscar Serpell
Decarbonization of commercial air travel is not a far-off possibility dependent on ground-breaking advancements in energy storage, but an actionable and pragmatic approach to achieving global emissions targets.
A plane flies against a sunset

Could Chernobyl Happen Today?

Mollie Simon
The television show Chernobyl is gripping viewers based on horrific real events. What is the likelihood that the drama could become a reality again?
A nuclear danger sign


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