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A Viral Response to Climate Change

Mark Alan Hughes
We are about to run a national pandemic experiment on prayer versus policy. And one that we shouldn't replicate for the climate crisis.
A globe of the Earth is on top of multiple facemasks

When Emission Reductions Aren’t Sustainable

Cornelia Colijn
An unexpected consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is a drop in air pollution. But how should we be thinking about the relationship between emissions and COVID?
One car drives down a highway

The Easiest Carbon Tax to Pass

Richard Ling
There are many reasons why the carbon tax hasn't passed here in the United States. And one of those reasons is that we continue to call it a "tax."
Smoke stack with a plume of emissions

Wind Developers Pressured by Pandemic Concerns & 2020 PTC Deadlines

Ryan Kim
With concerns about a global recession and looming 2020 PTC deadlines, wind developers and investors are being forced to revisit project strategies.
Windmills against shoreline

Storm Surge, Wildfires, and Pandemics: How Climate Change Is Increasing the Risk of Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks

Oscar Serpell
The COVID-19 outbreak is a public health crisis. But it is also an example of another natural disaster made more severe and more likely by unsustainable resource and energy use practices.
Bats fly over a bridge with pedestrians

Natural Gas Markets Beyond COVID-19

Anna Mikulska
International natural gas prices have fallen due to the COVID-19 pandemic but also because of larger and more complicated factors. Disentangling those various considerations can be helpful when trying to assess future developments in natural gas trade.
Liquid Natural Gas storage tanks and tanker

Bailout or Subsidy: Oil in the Age of Pandemic

Mark Alan Hughes
COVID-19 is disrupting all sectors of the global economy, including the oil industry. How should the government respond to fossil energy companies amid growing concerns over demand and storage?
Arial view of oil storage tanks

Study Reveals Wavering In Conservative Climate Beliefs

Andy Stone
New research on climate change beliefs shows that conservative Republicans are less certain of their views, with 41% of conservatives shifting their views at some point over the study period.
Climate change protest sign

Will an Election or Pandemic Derail Poland-U.S. Energy Cooperation? Nope.

Anna Mikulska & Wojciech Jakobik
With the world in upheaval, Poland is still poised for a steady energy policy path.
Polish flag against blue sky

From Apples to Electricity: The Underappreciated Potential of Gravity Storage

Oscar Serpell
Using gravity as a method of energy storage may seem crude, but it actually solves many of the biggest storage challenges we face today.
Energy Vaults design for a gravity storage system


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