U.S. Crewed

Posted by William Hederman

The first time I heard this term, I thought the person was saying "U.S. crude." The discussion, however, was related to the Quadrennial Energy Review and the topic was moving energy around the United States. A water transportation expert was explaining the implications of the Jones Act for a major disruption of energy...


Perry’s Regulatory Curve Ball to Bail Out Baseload

Posted by Christina Simeone

Today, Secretary Perry of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched a regulatory curve-ball aimed at protecting economically-failing coal and nuclear plants operating in competitive electricity markets. DOE published a notice of proposed rulemaking (entitled “Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule”) on its website, requiring...


Power Down in Puerto Rico

Posted by Mollie Simon

It has been almost a week since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico. While the storm may be over, the struggle to restore power and rebuild the electric grid will continue for weeks and months to come. Officials estimate that it could take a minimum of four months, but likely six months, to recover...


D.C. Appeals Decision; Ups Ante on PJM Stakeholder Agreement

Posted by Christina Simeone

Back on July 7, 2017, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected FERC’s order revising PJM Interconnection’s “Minimum Offer Price Rule” (MOPR), saying FERC exceeded its Section 205 authority under the Federal Power Act by commanding an entirely different approach to the MOPR than what PJM’s stakeholders agreed upon....


A Looming Bust for U.S. Solar Industry?

Posted by Christina Simeone

The U.S. solar market may soon be heading into a very dark place. Back in July, I mentioned the international trade case threatening to upend solar markets.  Well, on Friday, September 22, 2017, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously found that American solar photovoltaic (PV) cell and equipment...


Part 2: Artificial Arctic Feedback Loops: How Might Market Forces and Geopolitics Influence an Evolving North?

Posted by Oscar Serpell

This blog is a continuation of Part 1 The United States Geological survey estimates that the arctic region could hold enormous quantities of oil and gas; 13% and 30% respectively of the planet’s undiscovered reserves. Over the last several decades, various attempts have been made to extract fossil fuel resources from...


Part 1: Artificial Arctic Feedback Loops: How Might Market Forces and Geopolitics Influence an Evolving North?

Posted by Oscar Serpell

The Paris Climate agreement, which entered into force in November 2016, brought together nearly 200 countries to address the mitigation of extreme climate change. The parties agreed that each country would submit a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), with an overall goal of reducing global greenhouse gas...


Examining the Role of Early-Stage Venture Capital Investment in Energy

Posted by Peter Sopher

VC deal flows for companies with solar module and component technologies – such as cells, wafers and panels – have fallen in recent years while startups with business models related to providing financial and marketplace solutions for developing solar projects have received relatively more investment  The following is...


Big Natural Gas Customers Want Sustainability Reporting from Producers, Invite Stakeholder Comments

Posted by John Quigley

Investors are increasingly demanding that companies disclose climate and other operational risks to their bottom lines, and to report on sustainability efforts. Now, major natural gas consumers are getting into the act.   A very significant group of U.S. natural gas purchasers, including natural gas distribution...


Zero Emissions Credits: An Overview

Posted by Rachel D. Valletta

2016 brought the potential for a financial boon in the form of zero emissions credits (ZEC) to a fraction of the nation’s struggling nuclear fleet. Since their creation, ZECs have excited some, frustrated others, and confounded many. What exactly is a ZEC? Designed to compensate certain nuclear power units for...


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