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New U.S. Sanctions for Nord Stream 2? What’s At Stake

Anna Mikulska & Paweł Jakubowski
What effect will U.S. sanctions and new EU gas market regulation have on the Russian natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2?
Russian sanctions flag over a map of Russia

Waste Gasification: How Old Technology Can Solve a Modern Problem

Matthew Fouts
In the face of rising waste production and demand for clean energy, gasification could present a promising waste-to-energy solution.
Industrial machinery with sunset in background

Big Companies Drive Clean Energy Development. Can Small Businesses Do The Same?

Andy Stone
Large companies are a major driver of renewable energy growth in the U.S. while smaller companies are more limited in their options to decarbonize. What it will take to enlist smaller companies in greening the country’s energy supply?
Solar panels, storage technology, and windmills

Biomethane and EU Post-Pandemic Goals

Anna Mikulska and Eryk Kosinski
Last week the EU proposed a COVID-19 recovery plan, which emphasizes a clean energy transition. Two authors explore biomethane as a potential solution.
The European Union flag waving

Will COVID-19 Permanently Change the Energy Sector?

Mark Alan Hughes
The world's energy system will never be the same after the pandemic. And that might be a good thing.
Windmills in a field with a sunset in the background

Evaluating the Future of Lithium-Ion Battery Use

Kelly Chen
Lithium-ion batteries, with their pros and cons, still dominate the market. Batteries with alternative materials are in development, but aren't yet as efficient.
Many lithium batteries under green light

Scaling up Urban Agriculture for Emissions Reduction and Community Health

Ryan Lam
The most direct ways in which to decrease the emissions from land use and supply chain are to use less land to grow crops and bring food production closer to the people purchasing the food. Moving more farms within urban centers can accomplish these goals.
Plants with vegetables growing

Building Popular Support for a Carbon Tax When Americans Don’t Trust the Experts

Alexander Quinn
Consensus among today’s economists is that a carbon tax is one of the most effective tools for reducing emissions. Among many Americans, however, concerns over cost-of-living and the competitiveness of American manufacturing trump the recommendations of policy experts.
Smoke stacks emit into sky

The Potential and Challenges of Off-Shore Nuclear

Jonathan Szeto
In December of 2019, Russia connected its first offshore nuclear power station to an electrical grid. Other countries have shown interest in this new technology. Could it come to the U.S.?
Nuclear cooling tower

De-Abstracting Climate Change

Richard Ling and Cat Conran
Climate change is as much a cultural problem as it is a technological one, as individuals of different ages, political parties, religions, occupations, and socioeconomic status hold different views toward climate change. Solving the problem will, therefore, require a collective shift in cultural attitudes.
Flooding covers all the houses in a town


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