Blog: February 2018


Assessing Competitiveness of Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Posted by Christina Simeone

Recently, Philadelphia Energy Solutions asserted its refinery complex is not antiquated, but “state of the art.” Let's explore that claim with some real data.


New FERC Rule Grows Clean Energy's Role in Grid Resilience

Posted by Thomas Lee

What does last week's ruling on primary frequency response mean for grid resilience and clean energy? And what limitations exist under this new rule?


Part 4: The Speculative Future of Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Posted by Christina Simeone

Philadelphia Energy Solutions forecasts a rosy picture following a Chapter 11 reorganization. But the refinery still faces some fundamental challenges.


Part 3: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Investors Prioritized Stronger Investments

Posted by Christina Simeone

Many of the challenges stressing Philadelphia Energy Solutions were known and anticipated. And investors may have sacrificed PES for the benefit of more profitable projects.


Part 2: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Ch. 11 Fact and Fiction

Posted by Christina Simeone

The Philadelphia refinery says Renewable Energy Fuel Standard compliance costs were the source of its woes, but the real story is somewhere between tough luck and market realities.


Part 1: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Bankruptcy Basics

Posted by Christina Simeone

The East Coast's oldest and largest refinery filed for bankruptcy last week after a long history of being unprofitable. Find out why.

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