Blog: 29 August 2017


Hurricane Harvey: Energy Markets Respond to the Flooding of a Major Energy Hub

Posted by Oscar Serpell

On Friday night, August 25th, the strongest storm to hit the Texas coast in half a century made landfall 20 miles northeast of Corpus Christi as a category 4 hurricane. Over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey moved inland before stalling 60 miles southwest of Houston, devastating the region with record rainfall. The...


Plain as the Nose on Your Face: Nuclear Subsidy Food Fights Miss Market-Oriented Climate Solution

Posted by John Quigley

As I’ve written, the deep decarbonization effort that’s needed to salvage a habitable climate is in deep trouble.  As the public policy clown car careens toward the climate cliff, special interest politics are playing out in state capitals– including in our own Harrisburg-despite an obvious opportunity to do the right...

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