Blog: July 2017


Details Matter on Energy Storage Policy in PJM

Posted by Thomas Lee

Will the growing share of renewables – which have created jobs and cut emissions –  threaten power grid stability? Intermittent renewable sources, such as wind and solar, are both variable (i.e. outputs vary across hours and seasons) and uncertain (i.e. you cannot perfectly predict this variation). As the public...


Side Effects Include... A Rare Opportunity for Pennsylvania

Posted by John Quigley

We’ve all seen the ubiquitous drug commercials on television that peddle the latest pill but list seemingly endless “common side effects” of taking it.  You wonder if the cure might be worse than the disease. There’s an echo of those commercials coming from, of all places, the World Bank on—of all subjects—global...


Can’t Go It Alone: Why States May Not Be Able to Uphold the Paris Agreement

Posted by Mollie Simon

Since President Trump’s June 1st decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, many states and cities have pledged to take action on climate change, regardless of federal leadership. At least 12 states, and more than 200 U.S. cities have made a commitment to continue in the Paris Climate Agreement, and various...


Solar Supporters, Be Aware…Changes Coming?

Posted by Christina Simeone

Solar power is booming. But, supporters of solar energy need to be aware of at least two pending events threatening America’s short-term solar energy future. First, the potential for increased solar costs if new tariffs are placed on imported solar equipment. Second, how solar-heavy states like California manage...

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