Blog: July 2016


Debating Details of PURPA Qualifying Facilities

Posted by Christina Simeone

In June, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hosted a technical conference to examine implementation issues under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA), focusing specifically on Qualifying Facilities (QFs). PURPA's QF policy was one of the nation's first to promote development of...


SpaceX Can Be a Model for Energy Industry

Posted by Bill Hederman

Last week, I was privileged to be invited by NASA to view the historic launch of SpaceX Flight CRS 9 from Kennedy Space Center. In the early hours of July 18th, SpaceX successfully launched over 5,000 pounds of critical research supplies to be delivered to the space station for NASA. It was an awesome experience to...


In PA, More Jobs in Clean Energy Than Fossil Fuels

Posted by John Quigley

A new study presented by Environmental Entrepreneurs and the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance has found that in 2015 the clean energy sector in Pennsylvania—which includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative transportation, and greenhouse gas management and accounting—employed more than 66,000 workers...


Exploring Exelon’s Microgrid Efforts

Posted by Christina Simeone

Exelon, through its regulated and competitive affiliates, is spearheading proposals in multiple states to build and pilot microgrid projects. Microgrids are mini-electric grids complete with generation and distribution capabilities that can connect and disconnect from the larger electricity grid.  Since microgrids can...


Are renewables alone a safe bet to get U.S. to 50% clean power by 2025?

Posted by John Quigley, Senior Fellow

Last month at the North American Leaders’ Summit, the US, Canada, and Mexico announced a goal of achieving 50% clean power across North America by 2025.  Will the US get there with renewables – which for this discussion I’ll limit to solar and wind power - alone? As this excellent Washington Post article points out,...


Glance into the Pre-Conference U.S. Energy Bill

Posted by Christina Simeone

Back on April 20, I was shocked to hear the U.S. Senate had passed energy legislation (S.2012).  This was just a few months following the U.S. House passing similar legislation (H.R. 8) back in December 3, 2015.  I was so surprised because this meant the largely ineffective Congress was only a conference committee –...


Hold Mr. Smith’s Hand Firmly: The Need for the Clean Power Plan

Posted by John Quigley, Senior Fellow

I was fortunate to be in attendance in the East Room of the White House last August when President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan.  It was an historic moment in combatting the existential threat of climate disruption, committing the nation to reducing carbon dioxide emissions 32% by 2030. However, on February 9...


Moody’s to Rate Companies on Paris Carbon Risk

Posted by Christina Simeone

This week, Moody’s Investor Service announced it would be using Paris Agreement emissions reduction commitments as its baseline scenario to assess potential credit impacts to industries and companies exposed to carbon transition risk. “Carbon transition risk” is the credit impact of increased business costs and...

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