Apply for a Penn Undergraduate Climate Action Grant

Undergraduate Penn students are eligible to apply for a Penn Undergraduate Climate Action Grant. Penn aims to stay at the forefront of addressing global climate change by supporting undergraduate research in any academic field related to sustainability. Projects that lead to environmentally sustainable programs and policies, contribute to scientific innovations related to sustainability, or deepen our understanding of the social, cultural, artistic, and humanistic aspects of sustainability are encouraged, provided the research is conducted under the direction of a Penn faculty member.

Research Projects
Guidelines for the P-UCAG grant are intentionally open-ended to permit students to define their projects in innovative ways that support twenty-first century solutions to the challenges facing the planet. Applicants are asked to define and describe the project they will carry out as well as a budget of the project costs.

Previously funded projects can be viewed at:  

Student Eligibility
Students from any of Penn’s undergraduate schools and in any discipline are eligible.

Applications are due March 13, 2017   

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