Energy Management Intern

Position Details

Organization: Energy Insight, Inc.
Level: Graduate, Level: Undergraduate Start/End Dates: June 2, 2016 Internship Link
Contact Information: Matt Haley


Energy Insight, Inc. (EI), is an independent provider of energy management services towards meaningful energy conservation. These services include rebate program development, commercial/industrial energy auditing, conservation project identification and management, measurement and verification of energy savings and reporting along with research and development initiatives to test new energy- saving technologies. Their expert team of energy auditors, analysts, engineers, and specialists know how to optimize consumer’s energy usage. They work with businesses of all types and sizes all over the state sharing proven energy-saving methods and tactics. Their purpose is to identify conservation opportunities, maximize utility rebates and grant programs, access free or low-cost energy auditing services, and even procure carbon credits for our customers.


The Energy Management Intern will have responsibility in assisting all aspects of energy management and demand side management at commercial and industrial facilities, including meeting with clients to gather information about energy consuming systems (HVAC, lighting, compressed air, steam, refrigeration, process loads, etc.). The Intern will coordinate with clients and utility contacts as well as their staff to perform site surveys to assess demand response capability, interview clients and gather data on facility energy assessments. The above mentioned site surveys may include gathering nameplate data, conducting lighting fixture counts, reading blue prints, gathering mechanical schedules, and taking electrical wattage as needed. Additionally, the intern will develop demand response measures that are appropriate to the operating requirements, energy consuming systems, and energy management systems of the facility. The intern will then communicate these results to clients and utility contacts in the form of reports, and assist sales staff in selling energy conservation products and services to clients.


Application Requirements


The ideal candidate will have a background and beginning understanding of facilities management, energy management systems, energy consulting, mechanical or electrical contract management services, or utility services. Required and desired experience for this position includes:


  • A technical and/or service-oriented background in facilities management, energy management systems, energy consulting, mechanical or electrical contract management services, or utility services.
  • Enrolled in an engineering school with two years complete.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel, and a general computing background.
  • Demonstrated capability in technical/business writing.
  • Great people skills.


  • Ability to foster trusted relationships internally and with customers as a team player.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and follow through to completion quickly.
  • Ability to complete projects on time and meet deadlines.


It is crucial for an intern in the field of energy management services to be innovative, internally motivated and productive. Most energy analysts and engineers are handling multiple projects simultaneously and the interns need to be organized to support the completion of different projects at the same time. This also requires the ability to self-start, working independently while communicating effectively with the team members and leader. Technical/ business writing, developing and maintaining large volumes of data, critical thinking and analysis are a must for producing audit reports for various customers. The intern must demonstrate interest in being coached and mentored to produce quality reports while fostering and sustaining relationships with the customers. Since site visits are inherent part of the job therefore the interns are expected to take overnight car trips and be capable of working indoors, outdoors, construction or industrial sites.