Energy Fellow

Position Details

Organization: Pennsylvania Environmental Council Location: Pennsylvania
Type: Internship Timeframe: Summer Compensation: Paid
Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 Application Document: PDF icon Intern Description_PEC_2017.pdf Contact Information: Sue 412-481-9400



The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) seeks a graduate student to serve as an Energy Fellow during the summer of 2017.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) is a non-profit organization that protects and restores the natural and built environments through innovation, collaboration, education and advocacy. PEC believes in the value of partnerships with the private sector, government, communities and individuals to improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians, and achieves its mission through innovation, collaboration, education and advocacy. PEC has programs and staff spanning the Commonwealth, working in the areas of energy and climate, water resources, trails and outdoor recreation, and communities and landscapes. Learn more about PEC at

PEC’s Energy Work

Much of PEC’s energy work focuses on the concept of “deep decarbonization.” While there are many ways to reduce carbon emissions, the challenge is determining which strategies, or combination of actions, will be effective in obtaining sufficient emission reductions. Complicating this all is the fact that infrastructure investments being made today can lock in energy choices for decades to come, without achieving significant GHG reductions. Deep decarbonization is a pathway to the end goal of eliminating carbon emissions altogether.

A conference on this topic (for which the Kleinman Center is a sponsor and partner) is being held in Pittsburgh in March 2017. The outcomes of this event will influence our energy work moving forward, including the specific duties of the fellow. However, the following are needs which the Energy Fellow could help to fill:

  • Assisting with release of the white paper resulting from PEC’s conference on deep decarbonization, to occur in June 2017, which may include promotional emails, blog posts, press releases, and/or events, such as breakfast briefings. 
  • Following up on recommendations of the white paper (to be determined).
  • Developing outreach materials related to low-impact hydropower to promote the practice at existing water treatment systems, in partnership with a statewide membership association, which will include some primary research.
  • Researching biomass energy to assist PEC staff in developing a position on its use and environmental impacts.
  • Supporting the work of the ReEnergize Pittsburgh coalition, as it relates to integrating energy efficiency into the residential real estate market.
  • Assisting PEC to reduce the environmental impact of its office operations, in line with the actions in the 2016-2017 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, in which PEC is a participant.

Depending on the specific interests of the candidate, all attempts will be made to allow the fellow to focus on those tasks of most relevance to their passions, experience, and career goals.

We seek a graduate student who is highly motivated, detail-oriented, organized, with excellent writing skills. Academic background can vary, but students in energy-related fields, environmental science/studies, policy, communications, and business may be well-suited for this position. Some experience with energy-related issues is preferred. This position includes no field work; all work will occur in an office environment. The position requires that Fellows provide their own laptop computer.

The preferred location for this position Pittsburgh, based out of PEC’s office in the historic Strip District. For the right candidate, there is a possibility of basing the position out of Philadelphia. We ask that students specify their intended location when applying. 

Time Frame:
The start and end date are flexible, though ideally the Fellow will work 35 hours per week from late May through mid-August.  The Fellow will be allowed to schedule time off for vacation and/or personal commitments, to be scheduled in advance with the supervisor.

**This opportunity is only open to students of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Application Instructions

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Office Manager, Sue Gold, at or 412-481-9400. All applications will be passed along for review, and PEC will contact all potential candidates to schedule an interview.  

If offered a position by the host organization, please submit a request through the Student Grants webform in order to receive funding.