Bridging the Gap Between Public Health, Energy Efficiency, and Poverty


WednesdayNovember 30, 201611:30 AM to 1:30 PM Penn | Free Event Register Here
PECO Energy Hall
2301 Market Street
19103 Philadelphia , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US
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  • Ruth Ann Norton
    President and CEO
    Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
  • Nan Feyler, JD, MPH
    Stoneleigh Foundation Fellow & Director
    Housing and Child Welfare Initiative for City of Philadelphia
  • Liz Robinson
    Executive Director
    Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)

Join the Philadelphia Energy Authority and Wharton's Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership for “Bridging the Gap Between Public Health, Energy Efficiency, and Poverty,” as we explore the intersection of these issues and ways to leverage home repair and energy interventions to reduce poverty and improve public health. 

Philly is the poorest big city in the nation and has one of the highest rates of homeownership, with an extraordinary number of low-income homeowners. Philadelphians also have a very high energy cost burden compared to other cities, increasing rates of chronic childhood asthma and lead poisoning, and are often in serious need of major home repairs or maintenance. This event will spotlight programs and organizations that engage at the intersection of energy and health and highlight specific initiatives that address poverty, healthy homes, housing preservation and household expense reduction. 

The program will consist of three TED-style speaker presentations, and will be followed by Q&A and an informal panel to bring together the core themes. Lunch is generously provided by IGEL. 

Program development and event planning was led by students from Wharton's Management 100 course.