Are renewables alone a safe bet to get U.S. to 50% clean power by 2025?

Posted by John Quigley, Senior Fellow

Last month at the North American Leaders’ Summit, the US, Canada, and Mexico announced a goal of achieving 50% clean power across North America by 2025.  Will the US get there with renewables – which for this discussion I’ll limit to solar and wind power - alone? As this excellent Washington Post article points out,...


Glance into the Pre-Conference U.S. Energy Bill

Posted by Christina Simeone

Back on April 20, I was shocked to hear the U.S. Senate had passed energy legislation (S.2012).  This was just a few months following the U.S. House passing similar legislation (H.R. 8) back in December 3, 2015.  I was so surprised because this meant the largely ineffective Congress was only a conference committee –...


Hold Mr. Smith’s Hand Firmly: The Need for the Clean Power Plan

Posted by John Quigley, Senior Fellow

I was fortunate to be in attendance in the East Room of the White House last August when President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan.  It was an historic moment in combatting the existential threat of climate disruption, committing the nation to reducing carbon dioxide emissions 32% by 2030. However, on February 9...


Moody’s to Rate Companies on Paris Carbon Risk

Posted by Christina Simeone

This week, Moody’s Investor Service announced it would be using Paris Agreement emissions reduction commitments as its baseline scenario to assess potential credit impacts to industries and companies exposed to carbon transition risk. “Carbon transition risk” is the credit impact of increased business costs and...


Tough Times for Philadelphia’s Local Refinery

Posted by Christina Simeone

It seems that Philly’s neighborhood refinery, since 1870, is stuck in a rut and looking for a way out. After initial plans to go public were postponed, the refinery’s owners are reportedly looking for buyers in the private equity market. Philadelphia Energy Solutions LLC (PES)-  a joint venture of the Carlyle Group,...


Philadelphia Eagles Go Green with Renewable Energy

Posted by Mollie Simon

Last week, Kleinman Center staff had the opportunity through A Renewable America to tour the green programs at Lincoln Financial Field. The stadium, located in south Philadelphia, is one of the greenest in the world due to its commitment to renewable energies and robust recycling and waste management programs. The...


Watching the Grid’s Heartbeat

Posted by Christina Simeone

The electricity grid has similarities to the human body, an interrelated system of muscles and organs (i.e. power generators), arteries (i.e. transmission lines) and veins and capillaries (i.e. distribution lines) all working and pulsing together. Electrical current on the grid moves cyclically, ideally at a specific...


Are Oil Trains Coming Back to Philly’s Rails?

Posted by Christina Simeone

Is it just me, or have others in the downtown Philadelphia area noticed the recent uptick in oil trains cruising through the City? Last summer, several rail shipments per day of 100 or so crude oil tanker-cars each could be seen chugging through the City, many bound for the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery...


Cyber Attacks on Energy Infrastructure

Posted by Christina Simeone

Policymakers are increasingly hearing concerns about the doomsday impacts of a coordinated “cyber Pearl Harbor” threat on U.S. soil (though some in the claim the threats are exaggerated).  But, what are the energy-sector cyber threat experiences so far? The joint U.S. and Israel Stuxnet Project - which successfully...


Dismembering the CPUC, What the Heck is Happening in California?

Posted by Christina Simeone

In a series of events that has played out under my radar (am I the only one?), lawmakers in the Golden State are moving to dismember the California’s Public Utility Commission (CPUC) - the agency that regulates privately owned electric and natural gas utilities (as well as telecom, water, passenger transit and rail)....


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