DOE’s Lifeline to Transmission Siting for Renewables

Posted by Christina Simeone

On March 25, Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Ernest Moniz announced the agency’s participation in a first-ever public-private partnership authorized by the 2005 Energy Policy Act, to enable construction of a large-scale electricity transmission infrastructure project to bring cheap wind energy to the southeast U....


IMF Links Low Interest Rates to Missing Stimulus from Oil Price Declines

Posted by Christina Simeone

Back in my February blog post, I explored a phenomenon baffling economists, low oil prices coupled with slow economic growth. Typically, low oil prices mean consumers spend less on energy and have more money in their pockets to spend on other things, creating economic stimulus.  But this isn’t happening, and...


California’s Cold Shoulder to the Bloom Box

Posted by Christina Simeone

In a November report, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) found Bloom Boxes were too expensive and released too much carbon dioxide to qualify for a lucrative rebate program. Now, at the recommendation of staff, the CPUC is considering ending incentives for the technology. For years, energy aficionados...


Bankruptcy Court Pushes Domino on Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by Christina Simeone

On March 8, a federal bankruptcy court declared that Sabine Oil and Gas Corporation’s contracts used to secure pipeline gathering infrastructure could be nullified, raising major concerns for midstream gas companies.  This ruling could have even broader implications, as oil and gas producers around the country are...


NY Court Taps Breaks on NY REV

Posted by Christina Simeone

On March 4, the New York State Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order against recently released rules by the NY Public Service Commission (PSC) that sought to impose various limits on retail energy suppliers. As I discussed last month, the NY PSC issued an order on February 23 that, among other things,...


Financing Gas Pipelines through Electric Rates?

Posted by Christina Simeone

America needs new energy infrastructure, and increasingly ratepayers are being looked upon to bridge the financing gap. This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about Maryland’s efforts to use ratepayer subsidies to support construction of new gas-fired generation. Ohio regulators are considering long-term...


NY REV: Promoting Innovation and Competition Through Price Caps?

Posted by Christina Simeone

New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (NY REV) process, led by the NY Public Service Commission (NY PSC), is an ambitious project to restructure the energy distribution business model in order to enhance resiliency, integrate renewables, promote efficiency and lower costs. The model envisions a narrower role for...


Oil and the Next Global Economic Crisis

Posted by Christina Simeone

Analysts and government officials continue to raise concerns about low oil prices stoking the next global economic crisis, drawing comparisons with the 2008 mortgage meltdown. But why? At the core of this argument is the impact of low oil prices on the banking and investment sectors.  Mortgage lending to those with...


Commodity Oddities and the New Export Economy

Posted by Christina Simeone

With oil and natural gas prices at historic lows, Americans are paying rock-bottom prices for energy. Low prices should be a cause for celebration, right? But the consumers I talk to (like friends and family) aren’t cheering. They are biting their nails. What gives? Typically, low energy prices are economic drivers....


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